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The Employability Trust Team

Bill Marley, CEO & Founder

The founder and CEO of The Employability Trust, Bill Marley brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Bill is a highly motivated and enthusiastic operations specialist with over 45 years manufacturing experience within the FMCG environment, flat pack furniture, automotive and food sectors. He has developed a multitude of specialist skills as a result of working with industry giants such as Toyota, Nissan, Black and Decker, MFI and the top four retailers Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys.

Bill has a passion for creating sustainable improvement and managing change successfully, gained from a thorough grounding in operations and management strategy and his considerable experience at board level. He is passionate about East Durham and has worked extensively to promote business interests in this area. Bill is currently the MD of Marley Kavelle Ltd, a management consultancy working largely with SMEs and micro- businesses and is also Business Development Manager for the East Durham Engineering Forum (EDEF), working with local engineering and manufacturing companies including Caterpillar, NSK and Walkers Snacks.
Whilst working with one of the biggest power tool manufacturers in the world and the leading flat pack company in the UK, he has constantly strived to achieve an in-depth understanding of business needs, working in areas such as production, purchasing, logistics, quality and engineering. Bill’s vision and that of the EDEF is to create sustainable competitive advantage by bringing people, skills and resources together.
Bill continues to utilise his considerable mediation and negotiation skills to boost the East Durham economy in his role as a non-executive Director of the East Durham Business Service.

Anne Marie Hudspeth, Operations Manager

Anne Marie brings to the Trust over 15 years experience of managing operations and administration in a small business. She is a highly motivated and enthusastic operations specialist with experience of project management, finance and budget management, procurement who has worked in the engineering, construction, professional services and hospitality sectors.

Anne Marie is passionate about customer service and people development and has a detailed knowledge and understanding of small business.


Richard Sergeant, Team Leader

How did you end up here at the Employability Trust and what were your first impressions?
I came to the Trust through the Job Centre. My first day here was 4th April 2015. I remember because it was just before my 24th birthday. I had never had a job before. My first impression was that it was pretty laid back; I could speak freely to anyone as if I already knew them. It was quite relaxed, they were all nice, all spoke to me, they ‘eased me. I had been nervous about it all, but when I got here it was perfectly fine.

What was it like before you came here?
I was in a rut before I got this chance, never had a job. Nobody before was prepared to give me a chance because I needed experience and I had no qualifications. I had been in the cadets at school so I thought I might have something, but nobody was willing to give me a chance before Bill.

What has your life been like while you have been at the Trust?
I have had some ups and downs personally, been through some relationship problems, been homeless and sofa surfing three times, but Bill has always stuck by me. Things have changed a lot for me. I kept in touch with the Trust and I did my Fork Lift Truck qualifications. I have worked my way up the ladder. My role has changed a lot from a work experience person to a Team Leader now. I have found out that I can motivate a team and control a project. I always wondered if I had any leadership skills (being a cadet at school I mean) but now I know I have. I just didn’t know how hard I could push myself, now I do. Mind you- I am still learning, I learn new stuff every day.
“This place makes you feel at home when you walk in; it’s my second home, my second family.”

Has the Trust changed much over the years?
The Trust has changed a lot while I have been here. It has grown and I think it is even better now. It is full of people who thrive on targets and achievements, We have all grown and we achieve so much more.

What’s the best memory you have of your years here?
The best time I ever had here was at the end of the first project that I had managed, It was for Nando’s. Bill and I packed up the last furniture on time from the warehouse. It was nine o’clock at night and we locked up the warehouse, I had been worried about the project- it was big, I had been phoning Bill for advice, I had been saying ‘I won’t let you down’. Then it was all done and we were leaving. Bill called me over and shook my hand and said ‘Well done Dicky’, That was my best moment.
I want to work here until I retire.