Allan Rose

I’d worked since I left school, never been out of work until I was laid off in 2008. I’d worked in manufacturing and I did get another job then but was laid off again. After that I was out of work for two or three years. I’d be down at the Job Centre, looking for a job – they got you to use computers and look on line. Then they suggested I come along to the Employability Trust so that was the first time here for me. I came for four or five weeks to the Trust then they asked me to go to do some work for them at AMA Clothing. After I’d been there a week they took me on at their factory, doing warehousing, cutting fabric by machine – it was very varied and I got on well there for a couple of years. So it was disappointing when they went into liquidation. But that time I knew what to do – I came straight over to see Bill Marley to ask him for a job. All I wanted to do was work, and Bill agreed to take me for the standard 12 week work experience course and ended up taking me on himself.

What I do here is mainly work for Hillcross Furniture. That’s warehousing, building the bases for furniture, making up chairs, putting the table bases and tops together. And I do a lot of logistics, getting the vans loaded and sent off. It’s varied and never monotonous because there’s something different to do every day.

I’ve been able to learn new computer based skills – doing spreadsheets and that sort of thing, and I’m able to do the learning my own way, picking it up as I go along. Someone can show me and show me how to do something, but until I can get on and try it for myself I’ll never learn it.