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Candidate Journey

Candidates come to The Employability Trust either through referrals from organisations such as Job Centre Plus and Durham Works or by recommendation from friends or family. Usually motivation and confidence are low and knowledge of the working environment is slight. We aim to help them to develop the skills that are required such as timekeeping, teamwork and communication. Through the
development of these softer skills, the candidates boost their confidence, motivation and wellbeing. We also place a strong emphasis on critical thinking to empower the candidates to think for themselves and to be able to cope with and solve any issues or challenges that they may come across.

At times The Employability Trust team often act as surrogate parents. We do not limit our interaction with the candidates to work based activities. If there are issues at home or elsewhere with which we can help then we will always support the individual people when we can., for example, budgeting, taking meter readings and contacting utility companies, advice on benefits etc.

Destination Employment

Destination Employment lasts for 12 weeks. During this time, candidates will participate fully in practical work experience within our fully operational factory and warehouse.
Due to our close links with local industry, candidates may also gain work experience in other organisations to enhance and expand upon what they have learnt at The Employability Trust. This may even be extended to a short term paid work placement for the right candidate.

Once the candidates have completed the programme we will continue to mentor them and will be available to offer support and advice for as long as the candidate feels necessary. This ensures that both the candidate and the employer or work experience host organisation are satisfied with the placement.

The Destination Employment programme consists of 3 days of work experience (8.00am to 5pm) for cohorts of 10 to 12 people. Evidence of learning and progression is gathered through work diaries, photographic evidence and video testimonials.
Candidates will also undertake a wellbeing assessment and individual appraisals at the start middle and end of the programme to ensure that the service is being fully utilised and the candidate is progressing as we would expect.

This current format has been working with great results so far with over 63% of candidates securing sustainable employment or further training in the past year. We have also seen fantastic results in softer outcomes such as improvements in general wellbeing, confidence and motivation. Skills such as time keeping and attendance have also seen measurable improvement with all of our candidates.

The Employability Trust Training Model

A Little Bit About Our Candidates…

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get to the Employability Trust?

Check out our Contact page for directions to The Employability Trust and details of buses that stop near by.

What do I need to wear?

Our factory can be a little cold so we recommend warm, old clothing. If you have safety boots then please wear them. Job Centre Plus may be able to help you with buying a set of work boots or even warm clothing if needed.

What do I need to bring?

Photo ID such as a passport or a driving licence would be helpful, a letter with your National Insurance number on it and a utility bill showing your home address. Also bring any certificates or evidence of past learning or work experience that you may have.

Do I need to be referred by an organisation?

No. Although organisations such as Job Centre Plus and Durham Works can refer you, you may also contact us directly yourself. We get a lot of recommendations from family and friends who have been here before and have passed on their good news.

What about lunch?

We recommend bringing your lunch with you. We have a fridge, microwave and kettle that you may use. There is a Cooplands van that visits to sell sandwiches, pasties, soups and cakes or there is a burger van nearby if you forget your packed lunch.

Does Bill Marley ever stop telling stories?

So far the answer is no. He’s a continual story telling machine.

Fortunately most of his stories are really interesting although when you’ve heard them for the tenth time, they lose some of their shine.

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