Our Vision
“To be nationally recognised as a pioneer of employability, outperforming traditional methods through an industry led approach.”

The Employability Trust is about real people doing real jobs in a supportive environment to gain confidence, experience and skills. Often our clients are those people who have fallen through the cracks, made mistakes or been written off as a hopeless case. Regardless of age, gender or education, the paths that people take in life will inevitably be affected by all sorts of economic, social or health factors. What is certain is that everyone has a unique journey.

Whilst many find success, some find themselves spiralling out of control or on a path that is going nowhere. Some start off on the wrong track altogether and find it hard to turn back, some end up on stony ground and find it hard to put down roots and others find themselves in free fall before they even noticed the cliff edge.

Here at the Trust we believe that it’s never too late to get back on a better path, and we have made that our mission. No matter how or why you got where you are, we know that’s just part of your story – and we all have one of those.. If you want to get back on track then we will help – all it takes is that first step….

on the road to full time employment

Our Approach

Our trainees sometimes come to us when others have given up on them. We have developed an innovative and effective programme to help all sorts of people from all walks of life build the skills and confidence they need to get them into worthwhile and satisfying long term employment., no matter how far you have strayed, what your education, background or previous employment history might have been, we believe you deserve a chance to get back on track.

“we learnt to upholster Boston side chairs….and after that I was taken on full time and I’ve never looked back”

Chris Hall

We use non-traditional coaching methods and on the job guidance to help get our trainees the skills that they need to secure long term employment. In our 15,000sq ft factory unit we give REAL work experience with REAL products. Through contracts with local industries we are able to train the candidates on actual processes and equipment.

variety of roles; working on packing;

People coming through The Employability Trust’s work experience programme build confidence, learn skills such as time keeping, team work and communication skills and receive support to find and secure long term employment. It is a no-pressure environment which gently builds up to the pressures of industry allowing the candidate to grow and adapt to the needs of a modern working environment.

We need all sorts of people to make our programme the unique success it is. So whether you are an employer with too much work, a trainee with no practical experience or a volunteer with skills to pass on, we want to hear your story.

To start you off, here are some of our stories..